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Tips to Make Your Move Easier

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Moving is one big task – it takes up most of your time, energy, and money; however, if you have done some planning beforehand, the entire process should go smoother and faster. Moving doesn’t need to be stressful. Below you’ll find some tips on how to make sure your next move goes as smoothly as possible:

Get Organized

The first step in making your move easier is getting organized! Make a list of everything that has to be moved and start packing items now instead of waiting until the last minute. It also helps to write down any important information regarding your household such as legal documents, insurance policies, and utilities. Also make copies of these items for yourself just in case something happens to them during the course of the move.

Take Care Of Your Pets

If you are bringing pets along with you then keep them calm by giving them plenty of water, food, exercise, and love during the move. Never leave your pet unattended in the car while you are moving, because they could get very hot or cold. In addition, never let your dog run around inside your house unless he/she is wearing a leash. This will avoid hurting furniture and causing damage to valuables. Don’t forget to crate your cat. If you plan on having an extra vehicle available for transporting your pets, consider purchasing special crates designed for this purpose.

Start Early And Finish On Time

Most moves require two weeks of preparation in order to complete the entire process. To save as much time as possible, start early and finish ahead of schedule. For example, if you know that you have a lot of heavy boxes and furniture to pack, begin doing so when the weather is good and at night since it won’t be too hot or cold. During the day, try not to do anything else but clean out the old place, throw away garbage, etc., thus leaving more time for packing things up later on. The earlier you start, the less likely there will be things left to do when you finally reach the end of your timeline.

Use Specialized Movers

Hiring specialized movers enables you to choose from a wide variety of services, including packing, unloading, loading, unpacking, transportation, delivery to storage facilities, etc. Using a mover who specializes in each service gives you peace of mind knowing that you will receive top quality workmanship throughout the entire process.

Pack With The Right Tools

You might think that using your own tools would be quicker than hiring professionals, yet using proper tools is almost always necessary to ensure safety. Before beginning the moving process, make sure that you have ample number of boxes and plastic bags for packing. Next determine which tools and equipment you would like to use, such as tape dispensers, rollers, dollies, hand carts, ramps, etc. Finally, remember that tools and equipment can easily become damaged during the course of the relocation process, so take adequate precautions in order to protect all belongings.

Leave Enough Room

When planning your new home, make sure that there is enough room for the things you wish to bring with you – whether small or large. Make sure that there is enough space for storing family pictures, books, plants, and other decorative items. Furthermore, don’t forget to allow for sufficient distance between cabinets, shelves, and appliances so that nothing gets crushed or broken.

Keep Track Of Important Documents

Remember to keep track of all important papers and receipts related to the move, so that you can easily locate them once you arrive at your new place. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help if you need assistance locating something or someone.

Remove Obsolete Items

It’s best to remove any items from the current residence before the move begins. There are many reasons why this step should be taken. Primarily, the removal ensures that everything has been packed properly and that no unnecessary clutter remains behind. In addition, obsolete items may include materials which were used prior to installation of your current appliances, electronics, and flooring. Also, it makes sense from a sustainability standpoint. Moving can create quite a bit of trash that needs to be disposed of and recycling isn’t possible until after the move. Lastly, you want to minimize any potential dust and dirt that could find its way into your household goods.

Load/Unload Carefully

Loading and Unloading is usually an overlooked aspect of the overall moving process. This is mainly due to the fact that it takes place mostly outside and involves several people, which means that it tends to get overlooked. Nevertheless, loading and unloading must be done carefully and correctly in order to prevent damage to your property. Take note of the following points:

a) Be Aware Of Your Limits. If you are unable to lift heavier objects without getting tired, then you shouldn’t attempt to carry them by yourself. Instead, hire professional movers and let them handle these duties. In general, avoid lifting over 10-15 pounds since you risk being hurt.

b) Use Proper Lifting Techniques. You should never lift heavy objects above head level; instead, lower the object onto your back first before standing up. On the other hand, when you are unloading heavy furniture and appliances, try not to lean on anything else. Lift each item onto trolley wheels or blocks of wood and only stack what feels comfortable to do so. As far as lifting goes, most individuals will likely strain themselves by carrying even a few pounds too much. Therefore, know your limit.

c) Watch Out For Dangers At All Times. No matter how careful you are while doing these tasks, accidents can still happen. In particular, watch out for power lines, stairs, and low beams. A lot of times, these obstacles are hidden behind boxes, but they can cause serious injuries if not handled accordingly. To ensure that everyone stays safe during these procedures, use a safety harness or have someone hold the load with their hands ready to catch it if needed.

d) Plan Ahead! Once you have unloaded everything, take a moment and plan ahead where to store specific items – preferably away from heaters, dryer vents, flammable material, and electrical outlets.

Create An Inventory List

At some point, you need to come up with an inventory list detailing exactly what you own, so that those who follow behind you won’t accidentally leave something behind. Additionally, an inventory list can help you organize the belongings you already have. Knowing what you own can also help eliminate duplicates, making packing much easier.

Make Sure Your Movers Are Credible And Will Follow Through

When choosing a mover in Schertz, TX, make sure that they provide sufficient insurance. By doing so, there’s less risk involved and you’ll feel more confident letting them work within your home. Likewise, ask for references. Finally, make sure their service is worth the money by asking questions regarding pricing, payment options, and delivery methods.

Let The Professionals Do Their Job

Once you’ve made all of your arrangements and selected your mover, you can relax because the professionals will do the rest. Since you don’t want to get stuck handling every single move, trust your mover to do the job right. There isn’t much you can do after this except sit back and enjoy your free time.

Keep Track Of Things During Packing

While you may have taken care of many aspects of your move prior to contacting a local mover, now is the time to focus on other details. First, look into the possibility of taking pictures of your goods in order to assist with their storage at another location. Second, pay meticulous attention to items such as clothing racks, wall hooks, etc. to ensure they go securely into the truck. Third, keep track of important paperwork including warranties, receipts, bills, and any other valuable documents. Lastly, check any potential damage caused by the moving process and arrange repairs immediately.

Provide Feedback To The Professional Moving Company

After completing the entire job, be sure to give feedback to the company. This type of communication will help improve upon their services next time around. If they were unable to meet your expectations, let them know why you felt dissatisfied. Also, be sure to mention any positive experiences. Doing so could land you a future referral which might lead to additional business opportunities.

Our movers will be able to handle any move whether big or small. They understand that many people will find moving stressful enough without having to worry about the little things like how to pack a sofa. We realize that moving day is not always the easiest task; it can involve long hours, complicated schedules, and even large amounts of cash depending on the size of the move. That’s why we’re here with professional moving companies that are fully trained to handle any situation no matter how difficult it may seem.

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