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5 Practical Tips for Organizing a Large Family Home

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Keeping a big household organized may appear difficult. After all, how can you possibly clean such a large property? Fortunately, there are techniques to keep your house in tip-top shape that won’t break the bank. Find out what those home organizing ideas are in this article.

Have a Command Center

Keeping things as simple as possible is the key to keeping your house in good order. And the easiest method to optimize your cleaning procedure is to establish a “command center.” It might be as easy as putting up a corkboard where everyone can see their duties and leave comments.

The key here is to keep everything you need in one place. That way, there is no need for you and your family to go back and forth to get their task done.

Cleanup Every Night

Before going to bed, check every room in the house for any last-minute cleanups. This can include placing the remote in a container near the TV or turning off the lights in an unoccupied room.

You can also ask your family to do the same. Let your spouse check if the doors and gates are locked while your kids prepare themselves for bed.

The rationale here is to ensure that you have minor cleanup to do first thing in the morning. That way, you can start the next day afresh.

Use Long-term Storage

The benefit of a huge family home is that you may get experimental with your storage solutions. As a result, you can keep your possessions out of sight. This ensures that your house is clean.

For instance, you can keep your old furniture pieces in your basement. That is until you have decided what you want to do with it.

The only caveat is that often, we forget what items we have. That said, it is best to always check your long-term storage before you buy a new appliance or furniture.

Another thing you can do is only keep your items in the basement for a certain period before you dispose of them.

Designate a Storage for Every Family Member

Another way to organize a large family home is to give each family member their storage.

For example, you have a hamper for each family member. And then ensure to bring it to the laundry area the night before your laundry day.

Another is to ensure that your kids have their closets. That way, their clothes will not mix up, reducing the chances of not finding their favorite outfit.

Having their closet is also an excellent way to teach your kids responsibility. So, after you wash, dry, and fold your family’s clothes, ask your kids to bring and organize them in their designated closet.

Get Your Family Involved

Whether you live in a 900-square feet city apartment or a mansion, it is best to get your family involved in keeping your house organized.

Doing so helps reduce the workload that you need to do. And it also instills responsibility to other family members, especially your kids.

The best way to involve your family in cleaning is to set a cleaning schedule. Another is to give every family a particular task.

For example, let your kids collect their laundry and bring it to your laundry area every Friday night. That way, you only need to do the laundry.


When you have a large family home, it can be challenging to stay organized. But the cleaning tips listed above can make decluttering a smooth sailing process.

Still, keep in mind that you do not have to do it alone. You can ask your family for help or hire a professional home cleaner. That way, you can always have an organized family home.